About Me

Hello and welcome to "Blighty". 

Do you have limitless time in which to cook? No, me neither!

Are you cooking on an unlimited budget? Nope, once again!

Are you a professional cook? Not even close!

See, I knew we'd get along....

"Blighty" is about easy, family-tested recipes, all for your slow cooker. As a busy Mum cooking for our energetic little family of four every day, I've found my slow cooker really helpful. Why cook in the early evening with a cranky toddler round your ankles when you can have dinner sorted before work or during a child's nap or before you head out to have fun?

I love to cook, create new recipes and try new foods. You won't find any chef-y recipes here, just easy (yes, even lazy!) recipes using foods commonly available in Britain. I do try and cook from scratch each day, just as long as I'm allowed to count stock cubes as "from scratch", and we try and use free-range chicken, pork and eggs but I'm not going to be bossy about you doing the same. It's your kitchen and you're in charge. If you want to adapt and change these recipes, then go ahead, have fun and let us know how it went in the comments!

I love to travel so you will find lots of international food here, from Tex-Mex to Middle Eastern, some taken from places I've been and some from cultures I would love to visit. I've tried to remember to add in measurements in cups for my American friends - not too hard as so many of my cook books and favourite recipes are from the US.

Do have a look around, use the labels to search for recipes that interest you and enjoy knowing that dinner is ready when you want it!

Happy Cooking!