Why slow cookers rock

So, why am I so passionate about slow cookers?

Slow cookers have many advantages to me as the Mum of a small child but are useful in so many circumstances and for so many people:

  • People who are out at work all day and too hungry or busy when they get in to cook
  • Singles who like to entertain but also want to be hands-free at the last minute to welcome their guests
  • Parents of small children or newborns who find the early evening "witching hour" the worst possible time to cook
  • Families where people are eating at different times (e.g. children at 5pm, parents at 7.30 pm once the kids are in bed)
  • Those who want to cook long-simmering foods like stews and soups, maybe at weekends, but don't want to stand and stir
  • Those who want to cook in a green way or save money on power as slow cookers use minimal energy
  • Those on a budget who want to cook foods like dried beans or the tougher cuts of meat to stretch their pennies further
If you can relate to any of these then I also suggest you consider a rice cooker. They're as cheap as chips, hold rice at a safe-to-eat temperature for several hours and the rice is always perfect. We found it invaluable when our daughter was tiny and still use it several times a week. Typically, dinner would go in in the morning nap and we'd sling in the rice during the afternoon nap. The rice takes mere moments to put on and needs no attention after that until you eat. Apparently you can even cook pasta in them and I've experimented with pilaufs but I really can't afford another domestic appliance addiction!!!