Saturday, November 6, 2010

50 recipes!!!!

I hit the magic number today - I have now posted 50 recipes. I feel quite proud of that.

The house may be a little grimier, the waist-line a little more Titianesque and the RSI on my mouse hand a little more pronounced, but these things we can live with. Good meals have been had with not too much last-minute effort and not just chez the Eccentric Family but in many other households world-wide.

I'm intending on posting a top 10 this week to point new readers in the direction of some of the recipes which were particularly scrummy. I keep on hearing very happy things about Apricot Chicken from local friends who are readers and I know which posts are being read the most from the stats page but they're not necessarily the best recipes in my humble opinion, just the ones people typically search for like Bolognese.

Is there something you think should feature that you've enjoyed? Just leave a comment and let me know!

And, while we're about it, is there something you would like to be able to cook in the slow cooker or a recipe you would like me to hunt down and try? I'm always up for a challenge so throw down that culinary gauntlet!

And just wait till I post the most gorgeous Chicken Wings recipe's been made, I'm just tryign to find the time.

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